Facts are NOT Opinions

Facts are NOT Opinions.

These days, I’ve found that more and more people attempt to pass off facts as opinions. Usually, you’d see the statement ‘Opinions are not Facts’, but I think people forget the opposite is true as well. I try not to judge, but this is something that really gets me. When I see it, it usually comes in two forms. The first form is when someone acts like they didn’t know a fact and presents it as their opinion, or basically makes obvious statements and presents them as an opinion. If you’re in grade-school, you’ve seen this. You know that kid who asks a question that he knows the answer to, lets the teacher start a small discussion, and then answers his own question, extrapolating a bunch and looking really smart? He seems so smart and all that, right? Except for the fact he knew the answer before and he’s more or less saying exactly what the textbook says, only phrased as an opinion. Then when it’s confirmed as a fact, ‘oh look how smart he is’. That bothers me, I must admit.

Unfortunately, the second type is far more guilty and far more annoying. Type 2 passes off facts as opinions and refuses to acknowledge the reality of a situation. Or worse yet, they’ll pass off the opposite as a fact, and when there’s a conflict, attempt ‘compromise’ by turning both ‘facts’ into opinions. I’ll give a few examples. “Americans did not put Japanese into concentration camps during World War Two!”, “The Holocaust didn’t happen!”, “The earthquake didn’t even hurt that many people!”  — There’s 1 opinion in here. The last one. I can contend that that opinion isn’t something I believe to be true, but the first two are undeniable facts. These are things that actually happened. Talking someone down and deciding the question of whether or not those facts are true is up to debate seems reasonable when the facts really are up to debate. I don’t approve of shoving an opinion down someone’s throat and forcing them to accept it. At the same time, I don’t approve of pretending facts are opinions and devaluing their existence and truth. Ignorance doesn’t mean facts can be stated as opinions and you can get away with it. If you don’t know, say so, but don’t pretend to know and then cause problems.

I’ll be the first to admit I make mistakes and I don’t know everything. I do this sometimes, I’m not completely innocent. Judgmental and all that. I do know, however, when to back down and when to admit I’m wrong.

In the future, I really wish everyone would do their best to be a little more careful about how they’re speaking with others. Facts are not opinions, so please don’t use your own ignorance as a means to pretend something hasn’t happened or it’s not something worth knowing about.

We’re humans, right? Aren’t humans creatures that stand up on their own two feet and walk straight towards what they face? We’re not ostriches, right? So let’s not stick our heads into the sand and pretend not to see what’s going on around us. I don’t mind if you know about it and you choose not to do anything about it. Fine, that’s your choice. I won’t force you to make a move or do something. At the very least, however, recognize the world around you for what it is. If you don’t care or don’t want to get involved, don’t. Don’t use that apathy or dislike as a reason to make other people believe that facts are opinions.

Let’s not turn Facts into Opinions as a means to avoid what’s going on around us. Let’s not pretend so much…


The First Snow

I am unique. I am generic.

I am the forest and the trees. I am fleeting and forever. I am joy and sadness. I am snowball fights and cloudy afternoons home alone.

I am consistent. I am a non-constant.

I am there, during cold winters or light summers, during warm winters and cold summers.

I Exist. And no one can deny my existence.

I Melt. And everyone can forget I existed.

This is war. This is peace.

This is life.