Triple Feature, Part I

Congrats, today I am about ready to chew someone’s head off, so you get the fantastic, amazing, triple feature!

That is to say all the usual stuff that gets put into one update spread across three because I feel like it. And so I shall start us off with the topic of depression.

Go click that link. The image is very, very fitting.

This too. Don’t forget to turn on the annotations.

So as it turns out, I kind of get depressed and disheartened kind of easily. It’s a little stupid when I think about it, because all the things I worry about or get disheartened about are all in the past, trivial, or simply not worth getting worried about, but I get into those weird moods just the same. And then that devolves into what is known as the wondrous hate-spiral, where I call myself names. I’m very smart about the way I self-depreciate. I always say things that are true, but take a negative spin on it, so I can’t deny it or tell myself I’m overreacting. I seemingly filter out all the good and focus just on the bad, and when I try to counterbalance and go ‘no, look at these things that have happened’, I can’t think of anything. I think I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t remember good things about myself anymore. Well, I can, but eh.

Anyway, onwards! The triple feature may not exist, depending on when I need to get off my computer. But oh well. Onwards!

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