Subject Change Warning

Hey. You there.

I’m going to tell you something not very important, but you’re still reading, so let’s talk about it anyway. It occurs to me that simply writing about and complaining about things is not all that great of a thing. And while that isn’t exactly my intention, a look back shows that I’m doing just that. Sure, I cover a few topics here or there and talk about this and that, but I’m still just sitting in my corner whining. And it comes with the risk of essentially being that stereotype that was joked about in days of old, “That kid who whines and complains on his myspace” or emo child or whatever.

So I’m going to explain a little bit about my topics and so on.

Subject Matter? Not going to change. In fact, nothing is going to change. The title lied to you.

What I am hoping to explain now is how things change. Simply put, I could write and rave about all these things privately. Write them all up in a word document or post them on a private blog and never give anyone the link. That said, I did give someone the link. I gave a very small number of people the link to this blog. I don’t think it’s a cry for help. I sure hope it’s not, seeing as that’s not my intention, but eh. What it is (what it is intended to be), I think, is something else. The intention that I think I’ve been writing with is more of an explanation. About me.

I’m a liar by nature. I’m not too great at telling the truth or being honest and I’m a coward more than anything else. I highly doubt anyone will really ever ‘get’ me (as pathetic as that sounds), but what I write gives you a chance to understand what goes through my head sometimes. To have a little bit more insight into the kind of person I am. To explain myself and give a little bit of trust.

But that’s not quite right. I wrote that as if I was doing you a favor. The reality is that it’s not that I’m letting you in. It’s the reverse. I’m giving you a little part of me and asking this favor in return. Please try and understand.

You, who is reading this right now, are the one doing me a favor.

And while I cannot promise anything, I hope to do my best at doing… whatever it is I’m doing. Explaining part of me. Giving a little commentary. Who knows. Just one last thing before you go. While I thank you for reading, please do keep in mind that I gave this link to you. I didn’t post it publicly, I kept it hidden. Because I’m a coward, I’m asking you to hide my cowardly self from everyone else. This is just for you, my few readers.


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